KarenGrowing up in northern New Hampshire I used to go berry picking with my mother and grandmother. At that young age I learned how to can. In 1984 my first child was born, Carrie. We lived in a small apartment where we use to pick grapes every fall. I would make grape jelly for Christmas gifts and it quickly became a tradition.

As my family grew with Joel and Jamie so did my canning. I would can all sorts of wicked goodies to help buy school clothes for my children. With a customer base quickly growing my variety of canned good flourished. I was canning everything from Hot Pepper Jelly to Dilly Beans. Most of what I can comes from our own garden or purchased from local farm stands. With fresh goat manure from our goats, we always have the most beautiful garden on the hill.

Today it’s not uncommon when friends and family stop by the old farmhouse to take my canning tutorial. I believe it’s very important to teach the younger generation how to preserve and to be self-sustainable. I am a proud wife, mother and nanny who is very thankful for this great opportunity and knowledge to can safely.

You can now find me at local farmers’ markets, visit me on facebook or email me at Nannieswickedcanning@gmail.com.

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